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Why relaxing isn't relaxing

The schools in my area are on spring break this week. I am working and, starting tonight, watching the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. When spring break begins, I feel a sense of relief and success. One reaon is that I’ve made it two-thirds of the way through my son’s school year. Another reason is when there is a school break or a holiday, people are less anxious about their legal issues. I receive less e-mail and fewer phone calls which allows my day to feel more fluid and less disjointed.

Most weeks are not disjointed. Life, in general, feels more disjointed. Our attention is rarely on one thing at a time. It isn’t from multitasking, rather it is because there is a “high” that comes with seeing new information.

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Save your (brain) cells

People want your attention.

Take a moment and look at your surroundings. If you are outside, there are billboards, vehicle graphics, political yard signs, and sale signs. If you are inside, there are magazine covers, flyers, and reminders. If you are online, there are digital ads, newsletters, mass e-mails, and pop-ups.

Someone wants you to do something or buy something.

There are college degrees, careers and companies whose job is to get one product or person to stand out in front of another.

How does this relate to saving brain cells?

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Do I need a smartwatch?

Over a year ago, my husband learned of a Kickstarter campaign by a company called Pebble.  In short, Pebble was creating a watch that would do a bluetooth-type sync with your smartphone.  There are more specifics than that but this is as tech-savvy as I write.

In short, my household owned a Pebble smartwatch once it hit production.  It arrived about a year after being purchased and after other tech companies started developing smartwatches and fuel bands.  Needless to say, it stayed in an opened box for several months, being moved to different parts of the house, and landed in the cabinet where we stored paid bills and statements.

It would seem that my household didn't need a smartwatch.  Or did it?  Maybe I was the one, and not my husband, who needed the watch.

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