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Stay in your lane

One of the main reasons I blog is to work through a problem or situation, reflect on an experience, and to have personal accountability when I make a recommendation (which is pretty much every blog post).

One of my personality traits is to make sure everyone is happy.  I am a peacemaker and problem solver no matter where I am.  I don't like people to feel uncomfortable or disregarded.  I don't like to leave a situation in unrest with no plan to fix it.  Trying to make sure everyone is happy comes with the disadvantage of trying to have the answer for everything and be everything to everyone.  

I learned, with practice, how to say "I don't know" and, even more specifically, to say "I don't know everything".  That doesn't stop me from wanting to know everything or following up with "I will find out".  

Here are a few ways I can support someone and stay in my lane.  

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Do I need a smartwatch?

Over a year ago, my husband learned of a Kickstarter campaign by a company called Pebble.  In short, Pebble was creating a watch that would do a bluetooth-type sync with your smartphone.  There are more specifics than that but this is as tech-savvy as I write.

In short, my household owned a Pebble smartwatch once it hit production.  It arrived about a year after being purchased and after other tech companies started developing smartwatches and fuel bands.  Needless to say, it stayed in an opened box for several months, being moved to different parts of the house, and landed in the cabinet where we stored paid bills and statements.

It would seem that my household didn't need a smartwatch.  Or did it?  Maybe I was the one, and not my husband, who needed the watch.

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