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Working on the weekend

This past Friday I was leaving work at 3:00 to go out of town.  I had a few things that I wanted to get done, however, I knew before the day started that there wasn't going to be time.  I, therefore, started on a list of things to do on Sunday night when I got back to town.

The Sunday before last, I went in to the office at 3:00p.m. and worked a solid four hours.  I got several things done that I don't think I would have completed if there was a chance I would be interrupted.  It felt great to start the week feeling like I was ahead of the game.  It seemed natural that I would want to repeat that experience.

I didn't end up going out of town because of the weather, but I did spend a lot of Saturday dreading going into the office to work on Sunday afternoon.  I didn't feel the same way last weekend so it was a bit of a surprise.  It seemed logical to take a few hours of uninterrupted time to get things done - particularly when it would provide revenue.  So what was my problem?

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