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Improve your work performance

I'm starting my fifth work week after the holiday season.  December is always slow because my main areas of practice are family law and wills.  It makes sense that, in December, people would not (1) be interested in spending money on an attorney; and (2) start a custody action or think about what happens when they die.  But I digress.

After my 2-week holiday vacation, I was not prepared for the huge influx of e-mails and prospective client requests.  I was, however, excited (and relieved).  Then two weeks later I realized I had hopped on the treadmill of a reactive approach to work.

I let emergencies, not of my own doing, take priority of my plans for a productive day.  These reactive decisions would affect the rest of the week.  When I would finish helping with the emergency, I would remind myself not to do it again.  And then, I did it again.

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Making a choice to do nothing

Cause and effect.  Do A and get B as a result.  That happens in very controlled environments with few external forces.

It also happens, most often, when you are using a calibrated machine to get the result.

Predictable outcomes don't happen when you have people involved.

Even if someone is suppose to do B after you do A, there is that interesting decision-making process called "free will".

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My little book of distractions

There is no question that advertisers and social media generators are perfecting the art of getting our attention.  Personally, I can never just read one BuzzFeed list.  

I consider myself a recreational user of marketing with technology.  During a casual conversation, a term was used that needed no explanation - "Link Bait".  As I review "news" stories, I recognize this scandalous method and yet, I still want to click on the link. After all, I can't be in the dark about the hot or not list of the '90s heartthrobs. 

Then there are the daily distractions of your e-mail inbox.  No one can plan how many e-mails, their length and their level of required attention that will populate this enigmatic box.


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Protect your inbox

E-mail has evolved to the point of being able to be your free secretary.  Yet, it is easy to view it as one size fits all.  I think this happens because no one tells you how to manage your e-mail (other than when you've exceeded capacity).  

Today, I'm going to share a theme that will be a common denominator for my blogs on time management.  "Protect your time."  

There are more blogs and books for how to manage your e-mail than minutes of the day.  To stay true to my theme of "Protect your time" I am asking you today to "Protect your inbox".

If you opened your inbox right now (because it should be closed so you can get work done), there are likely several e-mails that include addressees of more than just you.  Examples are newsletters, listservs, advertisements, promotions, blog notices, Facebook notices - you get the picture.

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You are doing it right

I had coffee this morning with an attorney who opened his practice four years ago.  It was our second meeting to talk about practice management and share ideas and challenges.  He shares his experiences and where he wants to grow and change.  I share my experience about starting a new practice and decisions I've made.  We volley questions back and forth and learn a lot from each other.

Many times we say to the other "I should try that", "I should be doing that", "yeah, I've been meaning to get that done".  These responses can apply to any area of life - personal health, parenting, life balance.

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