Dump the past

Dump the Past!

It is the new year!  A time for new beginnings, restarts and change.  I have written about new years resolutions in the past and yet each trip around the sun brings new ideas.

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Last November, I cleared out my basement and garage after five years of accumulating "stuff".  I went through the kitchen and purged things I don't use.  I donated clothes and shoes from my closet that I don't wear or won't wear.  It felt good to clear and donate what was in good condition and trash what wasn't.  I recycled every page of notes from three years of law school and all 12 bar exam prep books.

Decluttering, purging, clearing - whatever you call it - helps me feel better.  Before the new year gets too busy I am going to keep looking for things to clear.  My newest idea is to donate cookbooks.  I bought two "new" ones at 1/2 price books and am really excited about them.  The ones I don't use make me feel guilty so they have to go.  I am also going to donate "hosting" items.  Wine glasses, platters, and serving bowls don't get used because my house isn't big enough to have big gatherings - so, donation bin.  I have a hard time parting with them because "maybe" I'll need them.  But if someone else can enjoy them and it clears my cupboards and my guilt - donation bin.

Last year I did mostly paleo diet because of chronic inflammation and I did 45 days of Whole 30 from October 1 to Thanksgiving.  After the holidays, I was in a terrible, guilt-ridden food rut because I had limited a long list of ingredients that make meals pleasurable.  I would look at a recipe and say "nope" or "yup" based on whether the ingredients complied with a diet.  After telling myself that I can eat in moderation, I gave myself the ok to pick a recipe that sounded good to eat.   

I've decided that I'm not going to make decisions based on the past.   Below are a few examples I would like you to think about.

  • Invite a friend out for coffee even if they said no in the past
  • Ask for a raise even if you were told no in the past
  • Co-parent with your ex even if he/she was manipulative in the past
  • Try online dating even if you had a bad experience in the past
  • Visit a family member even if they offended you in the past
  • Be polite to a colleague even if they hurt your feelings in the past

People change.  Circumstances change.  Past behavior doesn't always predict future behavior.  It is a new year.  Step out of your comfort zone and embrace a fresh start.