Happy mom voice

Scrapbooking is one of my hobbies.  I love looking at a still moment in time. Photographs are of happy occasions and happy people. 

Facebook has an app called “On This Day” (OTD).  It shows pictures and videos of that calendar day last year and every year on that day since I joined Facebook.  To me, it is like an automatic scrapbook of my life. 

I rarely post videos to Facebook so when they show up in OTD, I watch and re-watch them. Recently, I was watching a video of my son at two- years old (he is now 8).  He was singing the theme song from Thomas the Train.  As I write this, I can still picture him working hard to say “Edward”.  In acapella fashion, I sang the main part and he sung the names of the train at the appropriate time.

As the video played, I hardly recognized myself.  Who was this person with the happy, easy-going voice?  She sounds really happy.  I don’t sound like that anymore.  Looking back, I think the happy mom voice is around pretty consistently for the first few years of your child’s life.  As I re-watched the video, I missed that person who had happiness and joy in her voice. 

I have been fortunate to find my happy mom voice once again.  This time with a fur baby – a yellow lab named Hercules.  He is almost 3 months old and he has been part of the family for the past month.  He has brought me a new wave of energy and enthusiasm for each day.  He loves me unconditionally, is always excited to see me and responds well to my “puppy voice”. 

If you have taken a dog obedience class, you learn about the puppy voice.  It is distinct from your regular voice so the pup knows you are talking to him.  In your puppy voice, you say a lot of “good boy”, “yeah”, and “that’s a good dog”.  A puppy brings many wonderful blessings, finding my happy mom voice was a blessing that surprised me more than anything else. 

When I talk in my happy mom voice, my mood improves and life feels a little easier.  If you don’t have a puppy, infant or small child to talk to, you can still find your happy mom voice.

One way is to reflect happiness in your voice when you interact with another happy person.  The most common person I do this with is a coffee barista.  It also occurs when you are in the moment doing something that gets you excited.  Take a moment and “watch yourself from the balcony”.  Do you see yourself smiling and hear a warm, soothing tone?

Another way to find your happy mom voice is to compliment someone when it is completely unexpected.  I was at a stop sign in my neighborhood and a dad was pulling his daughter in a wagon.  They had just come from the coffee shop and the bakery items were on the wagon canopy and the girl, probably 2-years old, was chilling in her sunglasses sipping her smoothie.  I rolled down my window and told the dad that they were “so cute”. 

Finally, you can still find your happy mom voice with your older children.  Tell them something specific about how they bring you joy. “I enjoy watching you play basketball”, “you give the best hugs”, and “I like spending time with you.”

If you are mindful during your conversations you will hear if your voice sounds tired and listless.  When you notice your happy voice, your body will also feel happy. 

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