What I learned from Moana

Photo by Eric Broder Van Dyke/iStock / Getty Images

Last weekend, I bought the movie “Moana” – a Disney movie.  I watched it with my 7-year old son on a Saturday morning snuggled in our softest, warmest blankets.  The movie boasted an incredible diversity of characters.  The songs were amazing.  Moana, to me, was a superstar. 

Throughout the movie, Moana wasn’t running from something, she was running toward something.  She knew enough to start on her journey, yet encountered unknowns to keep her humble.  She asked for help and when that failed she persevered to stay the course.  More than any of this, I loved Moana because she had been called – “see the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me” – and she answered the call

Her calling wasn’t spoken out loud or put in writing.  It was a feeling, an intuition, she believed to be true when she looked out to the sea and looked deep inside her heart.  She tempered her fear, set aside the disapproval of her father, and became a voyager.

Moana believed she was called to do important work.  There were plenty of obstacles in her way.  The obstacles literally knocked her down and, at times, she didn’t want to get up.  She set out with a plan, but had to make adjustments when the facts she knew turned out to be wrong.

As I start this season of Lent, I am reminded that my journey as a lawyer is a calling.  There isn’t a path to follow as a Christian to engage in litigation and zealously advocate for my clients.  From the beginning, in 2008 when I took the LSAT exam, I believed that I had to do my best and hand the rest over to God.  As a person who loves to have control over situations, being a lawyer is an opportunity to practice doing my best and then letting go [insert “Frozen” lyrics here].  To be a voyager when I don't have directions.  To trust others when I don't know if they are trustworthy.  To boldly go where no-- ok too much, you know where I'm going with this. 

Look past what is in front of you and look deep inside your heart.  Are you being called to do something great?  A calling that triggers fear and the unknown is a true calling.  We aren’t called to do something easy; something that is easy can be done by anyone.  What inherent gifts and talents compose you as a person?  How can you use them to do good?

 “All the time wondering where I need to be is behind me – I’m on my own to worlds unknown.”