Do. Don't Think.

Photo by shutter_m/iStock / Getty Images

Any given weekday . . .

In the morning, you approach the shower.  What do you do?  You start thinking.

  • What meetings do I have today?
  • How much time before I need to leave?
  • Should I shave today?
  • How am I going to deal with the problem waiting at work?
  • How long before someone pops in the bathroom and asks me a question?

In the evening, you approach a sink of dirty dishes.  What do you do?  You start thinking.  

  • Who did the dishes last?  
  • Why am I the only person who rinses my plate?  
  • Does anyone else notice the dried food around the sink?
  • Why should I do the dishes, I cooked the meal?
  • How many more times in my life will dishes need to be done?

At bedtime, you approach the bed.  What do you do?  You start thinking.

  • When was the last timeI washed the sheets?
  • Should I wear socks to bed?
  • Should I take the dog outside one more time?
  • How important is a bedtime ritual?
  • Do I read or just try to sleep?
  • Do I check my phone for recent notifications?

Our minds are busy while we work - we have things we need to think about in order to do our job.

What should you think about when you take a shower?  Nothing.  Enjoy the warm water, the aromas, and the peace and quiet.  

What should you think about when you see a sink of dirty dishes?  Nothing.  Just do the dishes.  Or don't do them and walk away.  

What should you think about when you go to bed? Nothing. Crawl under the covers and enjoy the warmth and rest.

Give your brain a break during times when you don't need it.  The break will allow your mind (and body) to rest and be a better machine at work and more creative at play.      

I imagine you do these three things almost everyday.  Try to do them without thinking.  Just start and keep your mind clear while you do it.  Let me know if it makes a difference.