Real baggage

Photo by teksomolika/iStock / Getty Images

I have an office in the skywalk in Des Moines.  I ride the elevator with other professionals and watch people walk to their destinations.  Yesterday, I was behind a woman who was holding a purse and on her shoulder was a monster of a bag.  I assume the monster bag held a laptop and work documents. 

On other days, I see professionals with roller suitcase briefcases.  That seems serious; however, maybe there are training materials or a big project in the case.  When I have a trial, I pull a bankers box on a dolly; therefore, I realize there is a need for transporting work in an easy and efficient way.

I am concerned that loading down with real baggage is the norm and not the exception to the rule.  Is it necessary to take your laptop home every night?  Or is it like the apple in the lunchbox that takes a trip away from home base but doesn’t get used (eaten). 

When I was in law school, I had to take my books to class.  It wasn’t uncommon to carry a backpack weighing 15lbs.  If I packed lunch, that was another bag.  It didn’t take long for me to stop carrying a purse. 

Seven years later, I leave the house wearing a wrist wallet.  My Macbook Air travels with me from work to home, but it weighs less than a purse.  A colleague in my office walks to and from work with his wallet and nothing else.  I want to be like him.  I am making plans to free myself of the real baggage that weighs me down.

Real baggage is a habit and, in some circumstances, a security blanket.  Ditch the baggage and notice both physical and emotional relief.

Hope Woodbalance, health