What is the point

Life moves pretty fast.  It can feel like a rollercoaster ride that doesn't stop for you to exit the terminal.  There are times when a rollercoaster life is fun and thrilling - an adrenaline rush - and other times when you desperately want the operator to hit the red emergency button.

Photo by DougLemke/iStock / Getty Images

When you are on the rollercoaster of life, it is difficult to think clearly; to determine why your life is living you instead of you living your life.  When you ride a real rollercoaster, it is for the thrill and excitement; or maybe it was a dare.  You know it has a start and a finish and the total time is usually 1/10 of how long you stood in line to get a seat.

In life, you may not realize you are on a rollercoaster until you want to get off and there isn't a stop in sight.  If you can't stop, try to yield.  Ask yourself the following question - what is the point of what I am doing right now?

The idea is to question the motive of your behavior and if it is worth your time.  

Even if you work for someone else, you can still question why something, that seems unnecessary, is being done.  Or offer a solution to improve a policy or procedure.

Why are you doing the dishes right now?  Common answers - no one else will, I don't like a dirty kitchen, it will be worse the longer I wait.  I have learned, through experience, that I can get quite comfortable with a sink full of dirty dishes.  AND (we'll see if my husband is reading this) eventually I won't be the only one doing the dishes if I let other people have a turn or get disgusted by the smell of soggy Mac and Cheese.

Why are you suffering in rush hour?  Can you get to work early enough to leave before traffic gets busy?  Can you take a shorter lunch and leave 15 minutes early?

And you know my regular no-nos - why do you have e-mail on your phone, why do you get notifications on your phone (about anything), why do you have your e-mail open on your computer all the time.  If you really dig deep into the motive for constant technology, the answers are a regular need for stimulation, feeling important, procrastination, fear, and habit.

If something is frustrating you, i.e. you cannot get off the rollercoaster, take a breath, try to yield and ask yourself "what is the point"?  

If your response to "what is the point" is you don't want anyone else to do it, you've always done it, or no one else will do it, then practice delegation, streamlining or chunking certain parts of your life.  

Very few things have to be done "right now".  Maybe they don't need to be done at all.  You won't know unless you ask "what is the point?"