Tiny bubbles

I have a utility drawer at home.  Some may refer to it as a junk drawer.  On occasion, I find myself in search of something in the drawer and discover little treasures.

Recently, I found a small tube of bubbles in the drawer.  Because my work bag was nearby, I tossed it in.  Surely no one would miss it - it was the wedding-size version.  I had no idea where they had come from, however, I'm going to start buying them and giving them with gifts.  

We need more bubbles in life.  Bubbles signify happiness and joy, relaxation and lightness.  A bubble bath, bubble blower and bubbles that require manual air can make your day just a little bit better.

I started my workday with some bubble blowing and noticed it helped regulate my breathing.  Short exhales = little bubbles.  Long exhales = more bubbles, but require deep breaths.  I am a poor subject in the area of deep breathing, but when my breaths affect something tangible (and pretty), it is easy and fun to do.  Something I want to do more often.

I recommend the vertical tubes, search for a bubble wand.  Look in the party favor section of retail stores or your local craft store.  Amazon carries them too or check on Pintrest for DIY ideas.

Happiness out of a tube.