Do I need a smartwatch?

Over a year ago, my husband learned of a Kickstarter campaign by a company called Pebble.  Pebble was developing a watch that would do a bluetooth-type sync with your smartphone.  There are more specifics than that but this is as tech-savvy as I write.

In short, my household owned a Pebble smartwatch once it hit production.  It arrived about a year after being purchased and after other tech companies started developing smartwatches and fuel bands.  Needless to say, it stayed in an opened box for several months, being moved to different parts of the house, and landed in the cabinet where we stored paid bills and statements.

It would seem that my household didn't need a smartwatch.  Or did it?  Maybe I was the one, and not my husband, who needed the watch.

As a working professional, you don't want your phone to ring at the wrong time and in the wrong place.  As a lawyer, you definitely don't want it ringing in court or in judge's chambers.  So I always keep my phone on silent.  If I'm at my desk, the phone rings through my computer whether or not my phone is on silent (I just have to be sure my computer isn't on mute unless I'm in court).

I synced the Pebble watch and started using it a month ago today.  

Is it life changing?  It is a fun gadget - it seems very James Bond-like at times (although you can't talk into it).

Is it helpful?  In most ways it is helpful.  When I'm out and about, I can monitor when phone calls come in so I know to check my voicemail.

Do you need a smartwatch?  If you are on your phone all day long, you don't.  I tend to keep my phone in my tech wallet and don't look at it when I'm out and about.  The only names that come up under text or phone call are ones that are programmed into my phone.  If my son's school calls while I'm in a client meeting, I seem less rude glancing at my watch then having my phone face up so I can see everything that comes through.

A few miscellaneous thoughts . . .

I don't think I would have bought the watch on my own, but since we already owned one, I was happy to put it to use.

It has made my husband happy.  I missed his calls and text messages all the time.  Like, all the time.  The first text I got from him on the watch was whether I wanted to grab lunch; I was in a court hearing that was ending in 5 minutes.  Pre-Pebble, I wouldn't have seen the text until it was probably too late.  That day we had a date.

If I do have my phone ringer on and didn't mean to, I can silent my phone easily with a button on the watch - no fumbling in a bag or a pocket.

My workday is much less disrupted if I forget my phone than if I forget my watch.  The phone still trumps the watch.