Do you still have e-mail access on your phone?

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A list of reasons you should have e-mail access on your phone.


A list of reasons you should not have e-mail access on your phone.

1.  You won't bill for it.

2. Your client will expect you to read their e-mail immediately.

3.  You won't bill for it.

4.  You can't make any progress on a case by reading an e-mail on your phone.

5.  You won't bill for it.

6.  You will be distracted from your current priority.

7.  You won't bill for it.

8.  You will want to reply right away and you probably will.

9.  You won't bill for it.

10.  You will take entirely too long to finger-type a reply and it won't look professional and you will probably forget to bill for it.

Attorneys are in a rare profession.  It isn't expected by the client that you have e-mail on your phone.   The expectation is due to perception.  If the client knows you read and reply to e-mail on your phone, then they will expect you to.  Don't give them a reason to expect it.

If you work for a firm that requires or expects you to access e-mail on your phone, commit to a read-only rule.  If it requires a response, you've got a phone right there - use it.

To those who travel for their job, you can find internet access anywhere and I'm sure you have a laptop.  If you have a tablet, get a wi-fi keyboard.  

Life is too short to pick-type it away (and not get paid for it).