Bring me a problem and make my day

Who says this kind of thing?  You found her.  I know I'm not the only one who enjoys problem solving, but I wanted to alert the world that you can come to me with your problems.  I welcome it.

One of the reasons I enjoy practicing law and owning a business is to tackle problems.  Sometimes solving small problems solves bigger problems.  More on this in future blogs.

To kick off my blog, I wanted to share with you my first unsolicited opportunity to solve a problem.

A facebook friend who practices law was lamenting about having to update her library of electronic forms to include the new year.  That sounds like something that would be annoying.  I know from experience that if you include the wrong year in a proposed order, the clerk of court will kick it back to you.  Wasted time, embarrassment and frustrating.

This problem affects all attorneys; dates are important, time is money.  Time to automate it!

Here was my recommendation to my friend.  In the Word document, do the following:  Insert - Field - Date and Time - copy and paste to the textbox - DATE \@ "yyyy" - (keep checked - preserve formatting during updates) then it should update this time next year and every year without any work on your part.

Give it a try and give me a high five in 2015.

Hope WoodWord, Forms