You are doing it right

I had coffee this morning with an attorney who opened his practice four years ago.  It was our second meeting to talk about practice management and share ideas and challenges.  He shares his experiences and where he wants to grow and change.  I share my experience about starting a new practice and decisions I've made.  We volley questions back and forth and learn a lot from each other.

Many times we say to the other "I should try that", "I should be doing that", "yeah, I've been meaning to get that done".  These responses can apply to any area of life - personal health, parenting, life balance.

The start of the new year lends to beginning anew and setting resolutions.  Areas we want to improve, projects to start or finish, and doing things different.

Rarely do we take stock in what we are doing right or believe that our way is the right way for us.   

I recently downloaded an e-book from my Amazon Prime account that was the first self-help book I've started in a long time.  It was about productivity and it included a disclaimer that everyone's circumstances are different and each person will need to make adjustments based on their own situation.  I soon realized that I wasn't going to find anything in the book that I didn't already know or that I couldn't take control of if that was my choice.

Maybe it isn't a bad thing that you have to drink coffee to get yourself going every morning.
Maybe it isn't a bad thing that you check Facebook while you are working.
Maybe it isn't a bad thing that you wait until the deadline to get your brief submitted.

If you get to the result you want, is it better to keep doing it or to work towards the status quo?

Don't guilt yourself into doing or not doing something because it is the norm or an expectation of the profession.  

Consider sharing this idea with a colleague; that you think they should keep doing things the way they are doing them.

There is more than one way to get to the end result.