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Iowa Divorce Procedures            

Petition & Original Notice
1.  One spouse must file a petition for dissolution to start the process (Petitioner).  The original notice is the instructions for the non-filing spouse (Respondent).  This must be served by the Petitioner on the Respondent by a process server, county sheriff or the Respondent can waive formal service.

2.  Answer to Petition  
The Respondent must file an answer to the petition within 20 days of being served the papers or waiving service.

3.  Financial Affidavit
Each spouse must file a financial affidavit with the court disclosing assets, debts and expenses.

4.  Child Support Worksheet  
Each spouse must file a child support worksheet.  This is the most difficult document to complete on your own.

5.  Divorce Agreement
This document sets out the division of assets and debts between the spouses.  If there are minor children, there may be child support, child custody, and a parenting schedule.

Iowa Divorce Legal Services are governed under the
Rules of Professional Conduct 32:1.2

NOTICE:  Under the Professional Rules of Conduct, there is an automatic conflict of interest between the 2 parties in a family law case.  Hope Wood only represents the party who has entered into an agreement for unbundled services.  The other party can represent himself or herself or hire an attorney for representation.