Fees for Full Legal Services

My rate is $200 per hour, billed by the tenth (1/10) of the hour.  A retainer is required, but is explained and discussed in advance. 

Divorce Done Your Way Services

Special flat fees for specific legal services for divorce cases.  Details on unbundled services.

Flat Fees

I offer flat fees for specific services.  Flat fees start at $200; increased fees are based on level of complexity.

Contact Me about these and other services.

Reasonable fees:  the 3-Part Test

Below is my philosophy on keeping my fees reasonable.

  1. Is this action essential or optional to achieving the outcome of the case?  If it is optional, I get consent from the client.
  2. If essential, then I use the electronic timer on my practice management software when working on your case. I review the time spent on the specific task and ask whether this is a reasonable amount of time that would be consistent with other highly skilled lawyers.
  3. I review each invoice line-by-line and again consider the reasonableness of the time allotted. Then I check the invoice against other time entries to make sure I do not charge for corrected work or duplicate efforts.